12 Gauge Five Pack
12 Gauge Five Pack

12 Gauge Five Pack

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Get FIVE 12 gauge Shotgun Pigs for the price of four!

Snap a cotton patch into place using our patent pending Rare Earth magnet system, add cleaning solvent and experience a superior level of clean. The Shotgun Pig, with it's precision-cut, gauge specific foam, fits your shotgun barrel perfectly, assuring maximum contact between the patch and the interior of the barrel. The Shotgun Pig, gets your shotgun Oink Oink, Clean!

In the box:

  • 5 Pig heads
  • 5 oval head screws
  • 5 Rare Earth magnets
  • 5 Foam pieces for 12 gauge shot guns
  • 5 plastic adapters
  • Assembled and ready to use!