The patented Shotgun Pig (US Patent #9995554) does a superior job of cleaning the inside of your shotgun barrels. It's also easier and faster than traditional methods. Let's take a look at what makes the Shotgun Pig a cut above the rest:

  • The Shotgun Pig head, made of a specific magnetic stainless steel, holds the cleaning patch in place using a Rare Earth magnet. This magnetic interlocking system allows you to quickly secure the cleaning patch to the device. 
  • Precision-cut, gauge specific compressible foam pieces ensure complete contact between the cleaning patch and the inside of the barrel. This sets the Shotgun Pig apart from the competition. The inside diameter of a shotgun barrel changes by as much as .05 inches depending on the choke size of the barrel. The Shotgun Pig is the only cleaning device that truly fits your gun's barrel. This CLASS A material will not scratch or harm the inside of the barrel or absorb cleaning fluids. Shotgun Pig foam pieces can be easily wiped clean.
  • The Shotgun Pig works with standard patches, gun solvents and oils and is designed for years of continual use. The nylon pig body fits a standard rod, not included.
  • The Shotgun Pig is almost entirely made and assembled in the USA. The rare earth magnet is the only foreign sourced component.