Our Story

As a lifetime member of Pheasants Forever, hunting and conservation have always been a big part our family history. I've been shooting all kinds of guns since I was a little kid. My father gave me his 1936 Remington .22 rifle when I was five and I in turn taught my son to shoot with that same gun. Shotguns soon became our weapon of choice along with a passion for shooting trap, sporting clays and hunting pheasants.

For years I wrestled with feeding a cotton patch through the tiny loop traditionally used to clean a shotgun barrel. I'm meticulous about cleaning my guns and no matter how many times I ran it through, the cotton patch never seemed to completely clean the barrel.

It was time for something better. I wanted to create pressure between the interior of the barrel and the cleaning patch, without risking harm to the barrel. The Shotgun Pig uses a gauge specific, closed cell foam that allows the patch fit a snugly as possible. The magnetic interlock feature allows you to quickly attach and remove the patch. Quick and simple to use! That's the Shotgun Pig. Your barrel will be OINK OINK, CLEAN!