Please clean your shotgun barrel using the Shotgun Pig as follows:


• For shotguns with removable chokes, we strongly recommend that you remove the chokes before you start the cleaning process. The Shotgun Pig foam is actually larger than the inside diameter of your barrel and we add a cleaning patch to this creating the perfect fit inside your barrel. If you leave the choke in, the barrel will narrow just enough to make it too tight. This can result in excessive wear on the foam. Removing the choke before cleaning will extend the life of the foam and ensure the cleanest barrel.
• Spray the Shotgun Pig foam with oil before using. This allows it to easily slip through the barrel.
• Use a gun cleaning vise when cleaning your shotgun. I like the: P3 Ultimate Gun Vise made by CTK Precision. Available at: Another great product made in the USA. Using a gun vise makes cleaning your barrel so much easier.
• I like to use Hoppe’s gun cleaning patches (no. 1205S) for all shotgun gauges along with Hoppe’s #9 Powder Solvent and Remington Rem Oil.
Using these products with the Shotgun Pig will get your barrel Oink Oink, Clean!

With these recommendations in mind, please follow the standard instructions for cleaning your shotgun barrels.
Make sure your gun is unloaded and that you have read our Warnings Page.

1. Using a standard wire brush and cleaning rod, soak the wire brush in gun cleaning solvent. Run the brush back and forth through the barrel 6 - 10 times to loosen the powder and shot from the inside of the barrel.
2. Remove the wire brush and attached the Shotgun Pig to your cleaning rod. Center your 2.5” inch patch over the end of the Shotgun Pig and secure it with the Pig Head. 
3. Soak the patch with cleaning solvent, squeeze excess gun solvent from the patch and run through your barrel from the breech to the choke. Be careful when inserting the Shotgun Pig into your shotgun barrel. The rare earth magnet is very strong (see Warning Page) and may initially pull to one side of the barrel. If you use a gun vise this issue is really minimized. It is important to keep it centered in the barrel until the foam is in the barrel. This can be accomplished by holding the rod close to the Shotgun Pig until the foam is in the barrel. Once the Shotgun Pig is in the barrel, magnetic force is equalized keeping the Shotgun Pig centered.
4. Remove the soiled patch and Pig Head BEFORE carefully pulling the Shotgun Pig back through the barrel. As mentioned above, the foam is slightly larger than your barrel. So, if you simply line the foam up with the end of the barrel and slowly insert it with you hand and finger, this will make it easier for the foam to be pulled back through the barrel. Repeat using cleaning solvent (Approx 2-3X).
5. Repeat using dry patches until the solvent is removed (Approx. 2-3X).
6. Finish with a patch soaked in quality gun oil (Approx. 2X).  When you are finished, wipe off the Shotgun Pig foam with a piece of dry clean cotton cloth to remove any excess solvent or oil. 
Your barrel is now Oink Oink, Clean!